Before transitioning a loved one to assisted living, it’s a good idea to visit several facilities.  Consider locations in the resident’s preferred community that are still close enough for family and friends to visit.  Take a list of questions with you to ask the admissions director at each facility.  To assist you, we have prepared a list of points to consider when choosing a senior living community.

When visiting a senior living community, consider these factors:

Financial Information

  •  Is there an application or entrance fee? Is it refundable?
  • Do I have to sign a lease?
  • Are utilities included in the monthly rent?
  • Does it cost more if I need more help?

Living Spaces

  • Are the grounds, living room, dining room and other common areas clean and tidy?
  • Are the living room, dining room and other common areas kept at a temperature comfortable for the residents?


  • Are staff members visible and easy to find should assistance be needed?
  • Does the assisted living facility (ALF) have a full-time, licensed practical nurse (LPN) in the building round-the-clock?
  • Are there friendly, respectful, warm relationships between residents and staff?
  • Do all staff members wear identification?


  • Can I choose my own apartment?
  • How large are the units?
  • What if I want to move? Is there a charge for switching units?
  • Can residents redecorate their apartment?
  • Who pays for repairs and upkeep to the apartment?
  • Do fees change if marital status changes?

  • What type of activities are available to residents?
  • Is there an outdoor area for residents to enjoy? Is there staff to help residents access the outdoor area, if needed?


  • What are dining room hours?
  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
  • Do you offer/allow delivery of dining room meals to apartments?

Safety & Care

  • Do fees change if the level of assistance needed changes?
  • What if one spouse requires a different level of care than the other?
  • What security procedures are in place?
  • Can we review the procedures for an emergency?
  • Can I have a car at the facility?
  • Have all deficiencies from the most recent state inspection report been corrected?

If your loved one needs skilled nursing care rather than assisted or independent living, visit the “Search Tools” section of for valuable online tools and information including a tool to help compare nursing homes.  This site also provides a checklist for choosing a care facility.

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