The Gables is an independent living community and a licensed assisted living facility; it is not a medical facility, but residents do have round-the-clock access to licensed practical nurse (LPN) staff and access to a registered nurse (RN) for eight hours a day.

To join our community, residents must be mentally and physically competent and able to assist in their own personal care. The following list indicates criteria that a resident must meet upon admission:

  • A resident must be able to eat independently; the staff can cut food for residents but cannot feed them.
  • A resident must be able to transfer from the bed to a chair with the assistance of one staff member.
  • A resident must be able to ambulate with the assistance of an assistive device (cane/walker) and/or with the aid of one staff member.
  • A resident that is incontinent of bladder and/or bowel must be able to assist in the management of their hygienic needs, such as wiping, changing diapers, and pads.

The following conditions require the skill and knowledge of medical staff members. If these conditions are present, the individual will not meet the criteria for admission:

  • Residents who wander
  • Residents at risk for elopement without being cognitively aware of their actions and surroundings
  • Residents who are unable to express their needs, want, and ailments
  • Residents who are bed bound
  • Residents who require wound dressing, catheter care, IV therapy, colostomy care, and dialysis, however those residents who engage home health care operations to provide these services may qualify.

At The Gables, we understand that assisted living decisions are sometimes difficult, with many questions and concerns arising, especially regarding admission practices. Questions regarding any aspect of service are always welcomed, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information

Requirements for admission

A resident cannot be admitted to The Gables until they have completed the following:

  • A recent physician’s medical assessment
  • Negative test for Tuberculosis (via TB test results or recent chest x-ray examined by a physician)
  • A physician’s order for admission to an assisted living facility

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